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Acupuncture in Ann Arbor

Like chiropractic, this ancient healing art can benefit nearly everyone. You might not have seen any improvement with other options and just can’t figure out why you’re having pain. The medical doctor may be suggesting surgery or medications that you want to avoid. Perhaps you’ve even seen a chiropractor, but just need something more.

Discover Natural, Effective Healing

Acupuncture is pain-free, done by inserting extremely thin needles into certain points of the body to accelerate healing. Jessica, our fully qualified acupuncturist, is happy to let you handle a needle or have it tested out on your hand if you feel unsure about receiving treatment. The benefits you might see include:

  • Better sleep
  • Decrease in pain
  • Improvement in anxiety levels

Ann Arbor Acupuncture

In fact, Dr. Sarah experienced the many advantages of acupuncture when she was two weeks late with her child and didn’t want to have labor induced. She received treatment to jump-start the birthing process, delivering without the use of intervention. We’ve seen many patients who have seen such success.


Experience Stress and Pain Reduction

Jessica also performs stress reduction techniques to help your body heal. Migraines and headaches are two particular issues that see great results with acupuncture.

When you arrive for an acupuncture appointment, we’ll have you fill out some paperwork. Jessica will take a thorough history to understand your condition and an examination. She’ll then set you up with needles, which sit in the body for 10-25 minutes depending on what is appropriate for your situation. There is a buzzer located within reach so that you can get our immediate attention if you need it.

Insurance is accepted and evening hours are available. Start restoring your health by contacting us today!

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