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Animal Chiropractor in Ann Arbor

me and JasNatural Healing for Your Pets

As your animal gets older, you see changes in them due to aging. They might be a little slower to get up, or don’t keep up on walks, and crying out from pain isn’t uncommon. You want to do all you can for your beloved family member. That’s why Dr. Sarah provides animal chiropractic care in Ann Arbor, to help your four-legged friend stay more active well into their later years.

Most of our animal patients are brought in because they aren’t eating or have arthritic changes in their body. Their NSAIDs might not be working, or you want to find an alternative to giving your pet medications. If you start them early with chiropractic checks, however, many common problems can be avoided. Addressing the normal wear and tear or slips and falls that every pet experiences allows them to stay well as they age.

Cats, dogs and horses are the main animals we see, but we can treat any of your pets that need help.



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Powerful Results From Qualified Chiropractors

Dr. Sarah is certified through the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. She has taken courses to understand animal anatomy and how best to help them with proper techniques.

If adjusted inappropriately by a practitioner without the correct training, your pet may be harmed. We stay up to date by undertaking regular continuing education courses on animal chiropractic to ensure harm never comes to their patients.

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Effective, Restorative Health Care

Just as people see numerous benefits from chiropractic care, pets may see:

  • Better digestion
  • Decreased paralysis
  • Fewer allergy problems
  • Increased motion
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Overall improvement in health

Your pet’s response to treatment depends on the severity of their problem. You’ll usually notice a difference within an adjustment or two if we get to the injury immediately. If it’s been present for a time, it may take longer to correct. It only takes a couple of weeks to know if we see improvement in acute cases.

Aggressive Pets? No Problem!

547200_10100461078422244_842046875_nWith extensive experience as a veterinary technician, Dr. Sarah is excellent at controlling even the most energetic or difficult pets. We have muzzles that we can use if necessary. We start slowly and carefully with your pet, and they soon realize that what we’re doing is helping. They then come running into the office and turn around with their back to us, ready for their adjustment.

Dr. Sarah has seen a 90-pound Pit Bull mix who had severe back pain and was difficult to handle. The first time the dog was adjusted, she started walking and experienced less pain. Their owner told us that now, the dog runs and jumps in the car when it’s time for their appointment and is so excited when they get to the office. It often happens because we exude the right energy that animals pick up on and respond well to.

Free parking and walk-in appointments are available. Schedule your time with our friendly, helpful team today!


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