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Ionic Foot Baths at
Holistic Healing and Chiropractic Center

feet in a bathWe are constantly reminded to wash our hands and bathe daily to keep our body clean and prevent illness from outside germs. That takes care of the outside of the body, but what about the inside?

Regular contact with air pollution, acid rain, food additives, fertilizers, and contaminated or over-chlorinated water might become too much for the body’s internal cleansing abilities. A toxic buildup may affect long-term emotional, mental, and physical health. Ionic foot baths help pull these toxins out of the body to help restore balance and better function naturally.

How Does It Work?

An ionic foot bath is a foot soak using water with electrolytes, and positive and negative ions, which help draw toxins out through the foot. Similar to how a magnet works, the technology creates an energy field like that of the human body, producing a detoxing effect. After 30 minutes, the patient removes their feet from the soak, leaving behind all the chemicals and other toxins.

Some things the detox removes include heavy metals, mold, yeast, fungus, pesticides, preservatives, and other chemicals that linger around the body. At Holistic Healing and Chiropractic Center, we recommend detox after an illness or medications, exposure to a toxin, children whose parents are concerned about the levels of red dye in their body, chlorine sensitivity from pools, people who work around heavy chemicals and toxins, and more.

Our doctors may suggest adding ionic foot baths to your care plan as an acute procedure or as an ongoing preventive measure.

Benefits You Can Feel

Getting an ionic foot bath may

  • Improve the body’s lymph circulation, similar to a Swedish massage
  • Help reduce and relieve migraines and headaches
  • Help improve and clear up skin conditions
  • Increase natural energy levels
  • Help improve quality of sleep and relaxation
  • Help boost the immune system
  • Relieve muscle and joint pain and swelling
  • May assist weight loss

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Discover how much better your body will feel after detoxification in an ionic foot bath. It only takes 30 minutes to get great results. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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